How to use the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD

Buying the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD entitles you to all services provided by the card.

The card is valid only with a marked validity period and dates of its use (from / till). This data will be written by the staff in the selling place.
The card is valid from the marked date of its first use and on the following consecutive days, for the validity period (2, 4 or 7 days).
The card is valid per calendar days (not for 24-hour periods) and the validity period expires at midnight of the final day.

The card is non-returnable.

If the card is lost or stolen, the operator does not guarantee its compensation. No compensation is guaranteed either if the card has not been used sufficiently during its validity period.

Sights and tourist attractions reserve the right of changing their opening hours or their temporary closing down.

A part of the card is a printed guide with maps which will show you round Karlovy Vary Region and which will provide you with detailed information on individual sights and tourist attractions.

Free admission

The KarlovyVARY REGION CARD gives you FREE ADMISSION to more than 40 sights and other tourist attractions which are listed in the printed guide and on the websites marked FREE entrance.

There is a sticker at the entrance of each such sight or tourist attraction showing that cards are accepted here.

To take the advantage of free admission, submit your properly completed card.

The card entitles you to just one free entry to the sight.

Temporary exhibitions and special events do not have to be included in the offer of the card.


The Karlovy VARY REGION CARD provides DISCOUNTS up to 50% on the entry to further buildings and on provided services. The amount of the discount is specified in the printed guide and on the websites of such a building or tourist attraction.