Visitor Centre Thun 1794 Nová Role

Get to know the mystery of porcelain

Visitors Centre Thun 1794 – it includes the tour round the gallery, then the visitor will be acquainted with the basic historical data, he will visit a small cinema with a commentary and then he will enter the production process where he will get acquainted with the present industrial production of porcelain step by step and accompanied by a guide. At its end, he will watch the products being decorated with stickers.

A Porcelain Stop – the entrance gate of the Visitors Centre – represents a quality rest room for the visitors coming to Nová Role to go on the tour round the porcelain factory. At the Porcelain Stop they can see the exposition called The Story of Porcelain for free, they can make use of the children´s corners both in the interior and outside the building as well as the space outside which is suitable for bikers and hikers. There is also a canteen available in the morning and, of course, an information centre and toilets.

Little porcelain school – you can try your hand at creating a work of your own or you can try the printer´s (decorator’s) work.and decorate a porcelain product. It will be burnt and sent to your address or you can pick it up personally.

The visitors centre and the Porcelain Stop are located on the grounds of the porcelain factory of the joint venture Thun 1794 in Nová Role – approximately 300 metres from the crossroads of the paths for bikers, the train and bus stations and a marked path for hikers.