Tourist card KarlovyVARY° CARD saves both your time and money

Welcome in Karlovy Vary, the biggest Czech spa town with a spa tradition longer than 650 years.

Through the KarlovyVARY° CARD you have a unique opportunity to visit, experience and enjoy all must-sees Karlovy Vary is offering to you on favourable terms. And not only this... The KarlovyVARY°CARD is bringing a wide offer of possibilities in the whole region of Karlovy Vary to you.

Posibility * free admissions * discounts

Public transport Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně / museums /galleries / historical monuments / traditional production / sport etc.


60 sights and further tourist attractions

Make use of discounts and free admission to more than 60 sights and further tourist attractions. During its validity period, the KarlovyVARY° CARD can also be used as a free public transport ticket in Karlovy Vary and Mariánské Lázně.

A part of the card is a free printed guide with maps which will show you round Karlovy Vary and which will provide you with detailed information on individual tourist attractions.

Come and see ...

Take a walk through Karlovy Vary and other towns lying both in the renowned spa triangle and outside it, visit museums, galleries, concerts or theatre performances, take a ride on a viewing bus, feel the genius loci of historical seats, stretch your body during sports events or walks in spa woods, reveal the mysteries of world-famous products and taste local specialties...

In a word, get to know the uniqueness of Karlovy Vary and the whole Karlovy Vary region, which will make you want to come back, with the KarlovyVARY° CARD.

The KarlovyVARY° CARD will always be your guide, assistant and adviser.

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