You can start your “excursion” in the world-famous Moser glassworks. You will feel the genuine atmosphere of glass production, smell the burnt out wooden moulds and sense the atmosphere of the almost 160-year-long history of luxury glass Moser production.
Then you can exchange brittle glass for no less brittle porcelain. You will get to know its mystery during a tour round the Thun 1794 porcelain factory. The porcelain story will make you acquainted with the gradual transformation of kaolin mass into unique glass products.  You can try printers’ work and use your imagination when decorating your own porcelain cup.
So, what to pour into our glass- or porcelain ware? How about the famous Karlovy Vary Becherovka liqueur? Go to the Visitor Centre The Home of Becherovka and see the original rooms where the liqueur used to be made and vast cellars but, first of all, taste it...! The exact composition of the famous herbal liqueur has been a mystery for more than 200 years. Will you try to uncover it?

The excursion is drawing to an end and you will have a memory of a day spent in an untraditional way in Karlovy Vary Region and a bag full of souvenirs thanks to the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD...