Framework business conditions of the online sale of the electronic version of the card


1  General provisions

1.1  The tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD is a tool for making use of prepaid services and reductions in the Karlovy Vary region. Benefits can be obtained at the contractors that take part in the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD project and accept this card.

1.2  The operator of the online sale on the websites https://karlovyvarycard.cz is the INFOCENTRUM MĚSTA Karlovy vary, z.ú.,  with the seat in Husovo náměstí 270/2, Karlovy Vary, post code 360 01, reference number 263 30 725, kept in the register by the Regional Court in Plzeň, under Section U, Insert 211 (further only „INFOCENTRUM“)

1.3  The brand name Karlovy VARY REGION CARD is a registered trademark whose owner is the INFOCENTRUM.

1.4  The tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD can be bought by any natural person.


2  Definition of terms

2.1  The Seller – INFOCENTRUM

2.2  The Buyer – any natural person

2.3  The e-mail address of the Buyer – the e-mail address which the Buyer provides to the INFOCENTRUM for the purpose of the purchase of the tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD. This card can be then installed in the mobile device of the Buyer.

2.4  Karlovy VARY REGION CARD – a tourist card of prepaid services in an electronic form used for making use of the services provided by the third persons involved in the system of the card. A list of these third persons is available at the internet address https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/attractions.


3  Payment terms

3.1  The payment can be made through a payment gateway and the Buyer will then obtain a certificate of payment of the electronic version of the card at the e-mail address which he will provide to the INFOCENTRUM for this purpose.

3.2  After making the payment a Karlovy VARY REGION CARD with a unique code number and a barcode will be generated for the Buyer. This card will be sent to the Buyer´s e-mail address.

3.3  The prices of individual types of the tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD are topical list prices published at https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/how-card-works.

3.4  The INFOCENTRUM will send a notice that the time of the card activation is approaching to the e-mail address of the Buyer three days before the validity of the card enters into force.


4  Basic characteristics of the tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD

4.1  The card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD is valid for 2 days, 4 days or 7 days.

4.2  The card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD is offered in categories “individual „and “family “(2 adults + 2 children at the age up to 15).

4.3  The price of the card is a topical list price published on the website https://karlovyvarycard.cz.

4.4  The Buyer is entitled  to make use of free admissions and reductions when visiting the places listed on the website https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/attractions after purchasing the card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.

4.5  The Buyer is entitled to use transport to the extent specified on the website https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/what-you-get-card after purchasing the card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.

4.6  General conditions and the possibilities of making use of the card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD are listed at https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/what-you-get-card, https://karlovyvarycard.cz/en/how-card-works.

4.7  When purchasing the tourist card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD, the Buyer is entitled to make use of all services which the card provides.

4.8  The card Karlovy VARY REGION CARD is valid from midnight of the first day of its validation and for the following consecutive days, for the specified period of validity of the card (2, 4 or 7 calendar days). The validity of the card is determined by full calendar days (not by 24-hour periods) and expires at midnight of the last day of its validity.

4.9  The card is non-refundable. There are no replacements or refunds for a lost or stolen card. There is no refund either if the card has not been used sufficiently during its validity period.

4.10  Tourist attractions of the contracting parts reserve the right to change the opening hours, to close down some of the parts of the tourist attraction or exhibition, to limit the range of the offered services, respectively to close down the tourist attraction temporarily.


5  Common and final provisions

5.1  Legal relationships which are not regulated by these terms and conditions follow Act No. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended (further only “NOZ”).

5.2  The INFOCENTRUM reserves the right to repeal or change these terms and conditions any time. The effectiveness of the change in terms and conditions starts on the day which is specified in their change, otherwise on the day of its publication.

5.3  These terms and conditions come into forms on the 1st June 2020.



INFOCENTRUM MĚSTA Karlovy Vary, z.ú.

Josef Dlohoš