The mysterious Karlovy Vary underground you can discover in two tours...

Underground of the Thermal Spring
The tour in the historical part of the Vridlo hot spring underground shows visitors the production of traditional Karlovy Vary souvenirs, the so-called "stone roses". You can see a collection of calc-sinters and accreted aragonite, clogged-up pipes from the early 20th century, or rare bacteria and algae that thrive on surfaces which are washed by hot spring water. The visitors can also learn some points of interest about the Vridlo colonnade, its history, its unique subsoil, and of course about Karlovy Vary’s best known hot spring, the Vridlo.

Underground of the Church of St. Mary
Not only the foundation of the whole Baroque building is worth your attention under the Mary Magdalena Church, there are also the unique Tomb of God, a collection of sprudel water sediments or a preserved path which used to run round the original gothic church. Skeletal remains from the abolished cemetery, which used to be at the church in earlier times, are kept in the crypt.

Admission free with Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.