Winter is coming, a season of sometimes dismal weather when we like our walk to finish in a warm gallery where we can admire the works of famous and less famous artists in the peace of the exhibition rooms. You have several opportunities of this sort in Karlovy Vary with your Karlovy VARY REGION CARD...

A walk from the Sprudel past the Grandhotel Pupp and the Imperial Spa Building will take you to the Art Gallery. You can see not only a permanent exhibition of the best works by the classics of the Czech art of the 20th century but also exhibitions of works by modern artists in the historic building of the gallery.

A walk from Dvořák Park up to the Russian Orthodox Church and then across the historic built-up area of Westend will take you to Villa Becher. It has got a new, modern appearance of an interactive gallery after its recent renovation. It mainly specializes in exhibitions of works by first of all the younger and middle generations and, as its name suggests, visitors can often “walk in” the exhibition. When visiting the gallery, do not miss an exhibition on the life of the Becher family where you will also get information on the history of Villa Becher.

Apart from the galleries in Karlovy Vary, you can also visit the gallery Ostrov Summer Palace, or the Fine Arts Gallery in Cheb with the Karlovy VARY REGION CARD.